Thursday, August 25, 2016

Day 3

Setting the Stage
In ancient times, Greece was not a unified country.  It was a collection of separate lands where Greek-speaking people lived.  The land consisted mainly of a mountainous peninsula that separated these people.  The region's physical geography directly shaped Greek traditions and customs.

1.  What do you know/think you know
ancient Greeks?
         a.  Students will answer this question in a                 paragraph and will be discussed

2. Greek Map - Due Tuesday (25 Points)
         a.  Students will be given a map of
              Greece and will be responsible to
              find cities, bodies of water, and other
              landmarks considered important. 
         b.  Map

1.  Identify ways geography and climate shaped          Greek life.
2.  Explain the rise and development of                    Mycenaean civilization

Setting the Stage
Before we begin to learn about the American Reconstruction, students are reviewing their learning about the Civil War from last school year.  

1.  Civil War Review
        a.  Students will be given an activity sheet
             to acknowledge a basic understanding
             (using textbook) of the Civil War.
        b.  Civil War Activity Sheet

2.  We will have a brief discussion over the               Activity sheet tomorrow in class.
        a.  Completion of sheet will be 15 Points

1. Review Civil War 

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