Monday, November 30, 2015

Week #14

Setting the Stage
Before break, students learned how Charlemagne and other Frankish leaders were able to unite their kingdom under Christianity.  However, there will be outside invaders that want nothing more than to take their land.  This will drive Europe into the feudal system. 
Setting the Stage
We recently finished the progressive era in the United States.  We will now examine how the United States became a world power through Imperialistic actions. 
1.  Kahoot
           a.  Student will be playing a kahoot (web-                            based interactive game) to review                                    last week's materials mixed in with new                          material.
2.  The Legacy of Charlemagne
           a.  Students will be looking at information that                     introduces them to Frankish life after                               Charlemagne, outside invaders, and                                 feudalism.
           b.  Information  (Prezi)
1.  Imperialism and America
       a.  3 Factors
            - Desire for military strength
            - Thirst for new markets
            - Belief in cultural superiority
       b.  Students will research and
             all three factors that led to
             imperialism.  A class discussion
             will be tomorrow
1.  Video Part II
           a.  This includes information about
                Charlemagne and the beginning of the
                northern attacks.
2.  Reading Quiz: Pages 358-360
           a.  Students will have the remainder of
                the time to prepare for a quiz that
                they can use notes for.
                This quiz is over the Vikings,                                           Magyars, and Muslims.
1.  Class Discussion
       a.  What factor of imperialism had
            the biggest influence?
       b.  Why might the others also have
2.  The United States Acquires Alaska
       a.  Why did Seward push this?
       b.  Why did some politicians                         oppose?
       c.  "Steal of a Deal"
1.  Reading Quiz over pages 358-360
           a.  20 Points 
1.  The United States Takes Hawaii
       a.  Economic and Military
       b.  Why was the annexation viewed
             as controversial by some? 
1.   The Age of Chivalry
           a.  Students will read about the knight's                                 code of chivalry .  They will look at                                 the following aspects of chivalry:
                Education, Weapons/Equipment, War                            Games, Code of Chivalry, Roles of                                  Woman, and Romantic Love
           b.  Ages of Chivalry Attachment
           c.  A brief classroom discussion will                                     follow
2.   Video: Knights Armor

We will continue Thursday's Lesson

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