Monday, November 23, 2015

Week #13

 World History I

Setting the Stage
We finished last week discussing how Clovis united the Frankish Kingdom under Christianity. We will begin this week reviewing Clovis' actions and move on to other Frankish leaders that kept the Kingdom United. 
 American History 

Setting the Stage 
We have been discussing and learning about the Progressive Era in the late 19th and early 20th century.  Students have gone over sections 1-2 in chapter 9 and will finish going over section 3.  
1.  We will look at the influence of Christianity on the Frankish Kingdom
2.  Charlemage: Legendary King
    a. As a class, we will discuss and review                  the importance of Charlemagne. I will hand            out Charlemagne: Legendary King. This will           lead to a brief discussion over the three
      questions at the bottom of the sheet. Why did         Charlemagne oppose his coronation.
3.  Video Documentary: The Dark Ages
           a.  We will be watching two segments of                   this documentary done by the History                     Channel.
                1.  Life in the Middle Ages: 41:26 -                              44:41
                2.  Charles Martel, Charlemagne, and                          The Vikings: 51:40 - 1:19:50
1.  Roosevelt's Response
     a.  Students were to write Roosevelt's
          response to the following issues:
            - 1902 Coal Mines
            -  Monopolies
            -  Racial Injustice
2.  Students will have time to review for Tuesday's Quest for the remainder of the time on Monday.
3.  Tuesday Quest: Chapter 9 Section 1-3
     a.  Students will have a short assessment
          over Sections 1-3

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