Monday, November 16, 2015

Week #12

 World History
We will begin the week with our group presentations.  We will then transition into Chapter 13: The Middle Ages.  Students will learn about the Feudal System. 
 American History 
We started to discuss progressivism of the early 20th century.  We will expand that discussion into the presidencies of Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson.

1.  Continue group work on World Religion Projects
2.  Turn projects into Mr. Winsor 
1.  Review 9.2: Women in Society
2.  Section 9.3: Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal
        a.  The Jungle: Upton Sinclair
        b.  Muckrakers 
1.  Project Presentations 
      a.  Students will write a paragraph after each 
           presentation and discuss their biggest take
           a ways.  

1.  Discussion of 'The Jungle' Activity 
2.  Teddy's Square Deal
        a.  Introduction
        b.  Three Essential Questions
1.  Project Presentation Continued......
2.  Chapter 13: The Middle Ages 
       a.  How did the fall of Rome create the stage 
            of the Europe plunging into the medieval 

1.   How were the following problems addressed
      during Roosevelt's presidency:
        a.  1902 Coal Strike
        b.  Northern Securities Company monopoly
        c.  Unsafe Meat Processing
        d.  Exploitation of Environment
        e.  Racial Injustice 
2.  Class Discussion of Findings

1.  Section 9.3: Progressivism Under Taft
        a.  List and Explain 4 causes supported by 
             President Taft that made people question
             his leadership.
        b.  Which causes do you think would upset 
              people today?
        c.  Describe the importance of each:
                - Gifford Pinchot, Payne-Aldrich 
                  Tariff, Bull Moose Party, and 
                  Woodrow Wilson

1.  Students will  be given primary sources and questions that apply to each. 

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