Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 38

 World History I

Setting the Stage
As Rome enlarged its territory after the Punic Wars, its republican form of government grew increasingly unstable.  Eventually, the republic gave way to the formation of a mighty dictator-ruled empire that continued to spread Rome's influence far and wide.   
1. Historymakers- Julius Caesar: General, Writer,       Politician, Dictator-King?
        a.  Students will read a secondary source from                    the Roman poet Lucan that details
             Caesars appetite for success.  They will                         have 3 critical questions to answer.
        b.  Caesar Attachment
3.  Chapter 6.2 Reading Activity
        a.  Students have 12 questions to answer that                      will detail the fall of the Republic, forming                  of triumvirates, Caesar's rise and fall,                          and the expansion of an empire.
        b.  Due at the end of class (time pending)
        c.  6.2 RA Attachment
1.  Describe the rise and fall of Julius Caesar
2.  Understand the activities for the average Roman citizen.
 American History

Setting the Stage
In the early 20th century, advances in science and technology helped solve urban problems, including overcrowding. American cities continue to depend on the results of scientific and technological research.

1.  Where are we at?
      Review of chapter 7 and where we are       at.
2.  Chapter 8.1: Science and Urban Life
      a.  Students will be given an activity              sheet to go over and lead into a                discussion for tomorrow's class.
      b.  Chapter 8.1: Science and Urban                Life

Flatiron Building in New York City

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