Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 25

World History I

For close to 50 years (477 to 431 B.C.), Athens experienced a growth in intellectual and artistic learning.  This period is known as the Golden Age of Athens.  Drama, sculpture, poetry, philosophy, architecture, and science all reached new heights.  However, soon a war between two of Greece's super powers will end this golden era for Athens.  Then a mighty army from the north will end the power of the Greeks.  

1.  Ancient Greece Jeopardy Review
           a. Jeopardy PDF format

REMINDER: Matching and Multiple Choice portion of the test is tomorrow (Thursday).
Essay portion is Friday

 American History I 

As the American Industry started to thrive and many entrepreneurs began to make profits, the American business machine was becoming too big for government control.  

1. Chapter 6.3 Reading Activity
            a.  We will go over the activity tomorrow

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