Monday, September 28, 2015

Day 23

World History I

For close to 50 years (477 to 431 B.C.), Athens experienced a growth in intellectual and artistic learning.  This period is known as the Golden Age of Athens.  Drama, sculpture, poetry, philosophy, architecture, and science all reached new heights.  However, soon a war between two of Greece's super powers will end this golden era for Athens.  Then a mighty army from the north will end the power of the Greeks.  

1.  Peloponnesian War Review
2.  Alexander the Great: 11 Years of Fury
        a.  The fall of the independent city-states
        b.  The fall of Alexander's brief empire as                he dies without a successor
        c.  Alexander Handout

1.  Identify three goals of Pericles
2.  Understand Athens influence on Greek culture and its legacy
American History I 

The expansion westward proved to be one that nobody could have foreseen the struggles for both natives and 'easterners'.  As their conflicts settled down, the struggle did not end out in the west.

1.   Project Presentations
            a.  John D. Rockefeller
            b.  Christopher Sholes
            c.  Edwin L. Drake
            d.  Charles Darwin
            e.  Alexander Graham Bell
            f.  Thomas Edison
            g.  Andrew Carnegie
            h.  Henry Bessemer
            i.   Eli Whitney

1.  Explain how the abundance of natural resources led to intensive Industrialization
2.  Identify inventions that changed the way people lived and worked. 

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