Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day 12

World History I

Setting the Stage
By the end of the Dorian Period (1150-750 B.C.), the method of governing areas had changed from tribal or clan control to more formal governments.  Soon, city-states would develop all around Greece. 

1.   Greek Government Systems
We will be finishing our discussion from yesterday.  What is Direct Democracy? 
      a.  Greek Vocab/Gov't Handout

2.  Essential Question
What are some advantages and disadvantages of the city-states?

3.  God/Goddess Work Time
Any time left will be devoted to our Greek God/Goddess Projects
1.  Identify the different political systems that developed in the Greek city-States

American History

Setting the Stage
Shortly after Reconstruction, the expansion Westward became the growing country's new focus.  However, Native Americans had settled those western lands many years before.

1.    5.1 Reading Activity
Students will look at the first section of the chapter and use the guided reading sheet as an aid. We will have a classroom discussion over questions #1-7.
     - What were the Great Plains?
     - Perceptions of the people....
     - Life as a Native American
     - Native American family dynamics

2.    Settlers Push Westward
We will then take a look at some of the most famous conflicts as the Westward Push proceeded.  

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