Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 10

World History I

Setting the Stage
In ancient times, many civilizations created religion to help them understand the world around them.  This was no exception for the Greeks.  Their mythology made sense of the world and its workings.

1.    God/Goddess Project Work Time
         a.  Students will be creating a god/goddess                similar to those of the ancient Greeks.
         b.  Project Information
         c.  Due next Friday

1.  Identify the importance of mythology in the Ancient Greek culture. 
American History 

Setting the Stage
Reconstruction was no easy task.  Politicians continuously struggled to push their agendas during this time period.  However, their struggles are no comparison to the struggle of the 4 million African Americans who were now deemed "free".

1.PBS Documentary:Slavery by Another Name
           a.  This documentary details the struggle
                of former slaves after they were freed
                from legal slavery and how many
                created laws to keep the idea of
                slavery alive.
           b.  Documentary
1.  Understand the struggle of African Americans post Civil War. 

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