Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 6

World History I

Setting the Stage
In ancient times, many civilizations created religion to help them understand the world around them.  This was no exception for the Greeks.  Their mythology made sense of the world and its workings.

1.  Greek Mythology
         a.  Students will take some brief notes as they are introduced to Greek mythology.
         b.  Greek Mythology PowerPoint
2.  God/Goddess Project
         a.  Students will be creating a god/goddess similar to those of the ancient Greeks.
         b.  Project Information
1.  Identify the importance of mythology in the Ancient Greek culture. 
American History

Setting the Stage
Before we begin to learn about the American Reconstruction, students are reviewing their learning about the Civil War from last school year.  We will then begin Reconstruction with a reading prompt. 

1.    Civil War Review Quiz
        a.  Students will be given back their quizzes
             and will be reviewed

2.  Reconstruction
        a.  Reading prompt.  How would you
             punish your son?
        b.  Students will discuss different options
             on how the Union will rebuild the
             country after the war.
1. Review Civil War 

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