Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 5

World History I

Setting the Stage
In ancient times, Greece was not a unified country.  It was a collection of separate lands where Greek-speaking people lived.  The land consisted mainly of a mountainous peninsula that separated these people.  The region's physical geography directly shaped Greek traditions and customs.
1.  Geography shapes Greek life
         a.  Students will put the information they
              gathered from yesterday's class on the
              white board.  A class discussion will
         b.  Handout
2.  Mycenaean Civilization
         a.  What was their city like? 
1.  Identify ways geography and climate shaped Greek life.
2.  Explain the rise and development of Mycenaean civilization
American History

Setting the Stage
Before we begin to learn about the American Reconstruction, students are reviewing their learning about the Civil War from last school year.  

1.  Civil War Review
         a.  Overview PowerPoint
         b.  Students will also share the information
              they researched for each Civil War
              talking point they were assigned

2.  Civil War Review Quiz

1. Review Civil War 

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