Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WHII Day 45 - World War II Cartoons

1.  We will watch three cartoons from the World War II era.  Below, are each cartoon with their descriptions:
      A.  Blitz Wolf- MGM Studios (1942)
                 - The three little pigs (US,France, & GB) are bothered by the big bad wolf (Hitler)
                 - Blitz Wolf

      B:  Der Fuehrer's Face - Walt Disney (1943)
                 -  Donald Duck has a nightmare that he lives and works in Nazi Germany
                 -  Der Fuehrer's Face

      C:  Daffy the Commando - Looney Tunes (1943)
                 -  Daffy Duck becomes a thorn in the side of a German officer
                 -  Daffy the Commando

Note: These cartoons served as American propaganda during WWII.  The content reflects opinions felt during the WWII era and not the opinions of Americans today. Students have a prior understanding of this before the viewing.  

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