Thursday, May 21, 2015

WHII Day 42: End of the War

Setting The Stage:
The Allies just received a jolt in the arm as the United States entered the war.  However, the United States' focus was on the Pacific campaign against the Japanese Imperial Forces.  Also, the war in Europe is intensifying.

1.  We will then look at the happenings  of the Pacific after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Students will
      determine the significance of each battle and their results.
       a.  War in the Pacific and Europe Handout
       b.  Pacific/Europe PP Info
       c.  Atomic Bomb PDF

2.  Students will be organizing their notes for Tomorrow or Tuesday's test!
       a. Study Guide/Holocaust Questions
       b. REMINDER: Holocaust Questions are due with your tests.  These questions will be
                                your essay portion of your test score!

a.  Describe Japan's early battle successes.
b.  Explain how the Allies were able to stop Japanese expansion.

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