Tuesday, May 12, 2015

WHII Day 36: Aggressors Invade Nations

Setting The Stage:
The war was over and now the terms of peace had to be worked out.  On January 18, 1919, conference to establish those terms met at the Palace of Versailles.  These talks would be known as the Paris Peace Conference.  Attending this conference were delegates representing 32 countries.  For one year, this would be the scene of vigorous and bitter debate.

1.  Aggressors Invade Nations
      a.  Next we will identify the movements of Germany, Italy, Japan, and Russia in the post war                  world.  
                  - Textbook Pages
                  - Aggressors Invade Nations Handout             
      b.  Classroom Discussion
2.  Adolf Hitler 'Research'
      a.  Tomorrow, we will look into the life of Adolf Hitler.   Today, students will look at facts about
           Hitler using their textbooks and iPads.  Directions are on the handout                                                                   
a.  Explain events that led to the Treaty of Versailles
b.  Identify the effects of the treaty on European powers.

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