Friday, May 1, 2015

WHII Day 29: Trench Warfare

Setting the Stage:
The Western Front would soon become a stalemate because of the evolution of the machine gun.  Both the Allied and Central Powers dug in building vast trench systems that stretch for miles and miles.

1. Trench Warfare
 Review and answer questions about the Trench Warfare questions and answers due today.        Students will then see a PowerPoint over trench warfare in pictures.  Trench Warfare in Pictures

2. Conquest: Trench Warfare
  This video uses the "reality tv" format to engage students about trench warfare.  It goes over
  the types of trenches, weapons, and what everyday life was like living in these filthy things.

a.  Identify everyday aspects of everyday living in the trenches during WWI.
b.  Understand the unusual weapons and traditions that came with trench warfare.

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