Thursday, April 2, 2015

WHII Day 9: FR Terror Begins!

Setting the Stage
We will look at and discuss what happened to France after King Louis' failed attempts to tax the 2nd estate at the Estates-General.  Why did the 3rd estate form the National Assembly?  What led to the Tennis Court Oath, Storming of the Bastille, and The Great Fear?
1. Bastille Day Activity
    - Students will continue their work on Bastille day findings.
    -Students will use their iPads to discover how the French celebrate Bastille Day on July 14.
    They will follow the rubric and turn in all of their findings to Showbie. 
                 -Bastille Day Celebrations

2.  French Revolution Terror Begins!
     -  We will be watching a History Channel documentary of the French Revolution.  This video
         will give the students a good idea what to expect as we continue to study this time in history.
     -  We will begin viewing the video at 20:00

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