Monday, April 20, 2015

WHII Day 20: IR Urbanization

Setting the Stage
The Industrial Revolution affected every part of life in Great Britain, but proved to be a mixed blessing.  Eventually, industrialization led to a better quality of life for most people.  But the change to machine production initially caused human suffering.  Rapid industrialization brought plentiful jobs, but it also caused unhealthy working conditions, air and water pollution, and the ills of child labor.  It also led to rising class tensions, especially between the working class and the middle class.

1. Correct last week's starter questions
2. Students will be given a guided reading worksheet that will help guide them into creating their political cartoon's.  It will also give them a good background of the urbanization movement.
Urbanization Guided Reading
3. Students were introduced to their Political Cartoon Project  that they will begin working on for the rest of class period.

a.  Describe the social and economic effects of industrialization
b.  Examine growing tensions between the middle and working classes

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