Monday, April 6, 2015

WHII Day 10: The Revolution Brings Reform and Terror!

Setting the Stage
Throughout France, bands of angry peasants struck out against members of the upper classes, attacking and destroying many manor houses.  In the summer of 1789, a few months before the women's march, some nobles and members of clergy in the National Assembly responded to the uprisings in an emotional late-night meeting. 

1.  We will begin class by correcting our starter questions from last week (10 points). 
2.  Students will finish turning in their Bastille Day research if they have not done so(due today).
3.  Students will finish class with identifying the cause-and-effect between keys events or groups of people using pages 656-658:
Declaration of the Rights of Man - State-Controlled Church - Louis Attempted Escape
Divisions Develop - Emigres - Sans-Cullotes  

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