Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WHII Day 22: Children of the Revolution

Setting the Stage
The Industrial Revolution affected every part of life in Great Britain, but proved to be a mixed blessing.  Many great men are given credit for the building of Britain's Industrial Revolution. However, they didn't build the revolution, they merely drove it.  The children of Britain built the revolution under harsh and cruel working conditions.
1.We will watch two parts of BBC's "Children of the Revolution" that details first hand accounts of 7 child laborers in Britain during the revolution.  A 'Guided Visual Worksheet' will be given to the students as they watch the video. (15 Points)
The Children Who Built Victorian Britain

2. Remaining time will be given to the students to work on their Political Cartoon Project  for the remainder of the class period!
                             DUE TOMORROW, APRIL 23rd 

a.  Describe the social and economic effects of industrialization
b.  Examine growing tensions between the middle and working classes

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