Tuesday, March 31, 2015

WHII Day 7: The French Revolution Begins...

Setting the Stage
France was considered the most sophisticated country in the 1700s.  However, the appearance was deceiving.  There was great unrest in France, caused by bad harvests, high prices, high taxes, and disturbing questions raised by Enlightened ideas.

1.  French Revolution Beginnings (3 Estates, 3 Causes, 5 Forces of Change)
       a.  We will review the division of the French population amongst their three social classes.
       b. FR Beginnings
2.  3 Major Causes of the Revolution
       a.  Using a PowerPoint as an aid, students will learn about the 3 major causes of the revolution:
                  -Enlightened Ideas, Weakened Economy, and Weak Leaders
3.  King Louis calls for a meeting of the Estates-General
       a.  Does this decision seal the fate of the King and his family?
       b.  How does this decision result in the forming of the National Assembly?
4.  3 Major Events Leading to the Revolution (PowerPoint)
       a.  Tennis Court Oath
       b.  Storming of the Bastille
       c.  The Great Fear

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