Friday, March 27, 2015

WHII Day 5: The Enlightenment Quiz and French Revolution Introduction

Setting the Stage
Students have spent the entire week learning about both the Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution time periods.  Today they will have a 35 point quiz over the information.  We will then introduce our next chapter, the French Revolution.

1.  Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution Quiz
       a.  Students will have an opportunity on Monday to make any corrections to their quizzes if
       b.  35 Points
2.  French Revolution Introduction
       a.  Student will use pages 551-571 to find 5 interesting things (people, groups, events, terms, etc.)
            about the French Revolution
       b.  Using their iPads, students will find 5 interesting things about the French Revolution that
             were not mentioned in their book.  Time will be given on Monday to finish.
       c.  20 points

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