Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WHII Day 3: Enlightenment Spreads

Setting the Stage
The philosophes' views about society often got them in trouble because it was illegal to criticize either the Catholic Church or the government.  Many landed in jail or were exiled.  Nevertheless, the Enlightenment spread throughout Europe with the help of books, magazines, and word of mouth. 

1.  Enlightened Thinkers
      a.  Students will look into the ideals and thinkers of the enlightenment era using the attachment
      b.  Enlightened Thinkers
      c. A class discussion will take place with a PowerPoint (ET Thinkers)
2.  Enlightenment Spreads
      a.  Students will examine pages 636-639.  These pages go over methods of spreading all of the
           enlightened ideas in Europe during the 1700s.  This will be finished for a classroom discussion
           tomorrow in class.
      b.  Enlightenment Spreads Attachment

- Explain how ideas spread throughout Europe
- Describe changes in art, music, and literature during the Enlightenment
- Show how Enlightened ideas reformed monarchies in Prussia, Austria, and Russia

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