Monday, March 2, 2015

WHI Day 37: The Bubonic Plague and Hundred Years War

Setting the Stage
The 1300s were filled with both natural and man-made disasters.  The Church seemed to be thriving but soon would face a huge division.  As millions died from the Black Death, Europe's economical structure changed.  Claims to thrones in France and England led to wars in those lands.  They wars would result in changes in the government of both France and England.  By the end of the century, the medieval way of life was beginning to disappear.

1. Bubonic Plague: A Survivor Story
         a.  Students will look at sources and videos (watched in class)about the Bubonic Plague. 
              They will use these sources to create a story as if they survived the Bubonic Plague.
         b.  Survivor Story Information
         c.  DUE
2.  Hundred Years' War
         a.  Using resources provided and pages 401-403 from the textbook,  students will be answering
              4 essential questions about the Hundred Years' War.  All information will be turned on to
         b.  After these questions are answered students will find 5 specific events from the Hundred
              Years' War to put on the timeline provided on page #2 of the attachment.
         c.  Hundred Years' War Attachment
3.  Joan of Arc Movie
         a.  Students will watch a brief video about Joan of Arc as another resource for the above

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