Thursday, March 5, 2015

WHI Day 39: Renaissance Introduction

Setting the Stage
During the Middle Ages, Europe suffered from both war and plague.  Those who survived want to celebrate life and the human spirit.  Some began to questions the church, which taught Christians to endure suffering while they awaited their rewards in heaven.  In northern Italy, writers and artists began to express this new spirit and to experiment with different styles.  These men and women would greatly change how Europeans saw themselves and their world. 

1.  Students will go to computer lab 11a in the IMC and advance in the "I Have a Plan" process with
      the guidance office.
         a. is a program that gives students great insights on careers and colleges
             that best suit their current interests and future aspirations
2.  Introduction to the Renaissance
         a.  Students will look at a series of famous works of art during the Renaissance time period
              (1300-1600).  They will briefly analyze the paintings and understand how they portrayed
              the spirit of the Renaissance
         b.  Renaissance Artwork Prezi

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