Friday, February 6, 2015

WHII Day 22: Fall of the Romans/Review

Setting the Stage
In the third century A.D., Rome faced many problems.  They came both form within the empire and from outside.  Only drastic economic, military, and political reforms, it seemed, could hold off collapse. 
1. We will finish going over the fall of the Romans using the Prezi's each class created.
         Classroom Prezi's
           A Block Prezi
           B Block Prezi
           D Block Prezi
3.  Review Game
     a.  Matching Game
     b.  Three points extra credit

Roman Gladiator - These sheets are DUE MONDAY and will be 15 points of your overall Test score!
        a.  Gladiator Attachment
        b.  Gladiator Link


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