Friday, February 27, 2015

WHI Day 36: The Crusades and Bubonic Plauge

Setting the Stage
As the Crusades led the Middle Ages into a new era.  The Bubonic Plague quickly took Europe into a turn for the worst. 
1.  Crusades: Resource Evaluation
         a.  Students will be exploring and evaluating sources about the Crusades.  All of the directions
              and explanations for this activity were sent via showbie.
         b.  Activity Attachment
         c.  Due Monday
2.  Bubonic Plague: A Survivor Story
         a.  Students will look at sources and videos (watched in class)about the Bubonic Plague. 
              They will use these sources to create a story as if they survived the Bubonic Plague.
         b.  Survivor Story Information
         c.  Videos for reference and information
                      1.  Beginning of the Plague    
                      2.  Biology of the Plague             
                      3.  Struggles of the Plague

     1.  Summarize the causes of the Crusades and analyze the effects of the Crusades.
     2.  Summarize the causes of the Bubonic Plague and analyze the effects it had on Europe.

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