Thursday, February 26, 2015

WHI Day 35: The Crusades

Setting the Stage
A new movement began around the 900s during the Middle Ages.  The Catholic Church had brought about a new revival in the clergy.  Filled with new energy, the church began restructuring itself and started massive building programs to create new places to worship.  However, another religion, Islam, had similar plans and eventually the two would get in the way of one another. 
1.  Crusades: Resource Evaluation
         a.  Students will be exploring and evaluating sources about the Crusades.  All of the directions
              and explanations for this activity were sent via showbie.
         b.  Activity Attachment
     1.  Explain the spiritual revival and church reforms that began in the 11th century.
     2.  Describe the Gothic cathedrals of the 12th century.
     3.  Summarize the causes of the Crusades and analyze the effects of the Crusades.

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