Tuesday, February 24, 2015

WHI Day 33: Feudalism and Review Game

Setting the Stage
For the last week, students have been learning about the European middle ages.  Today, we will review the importance of the Feudal system in Europe at this time.  After this review, we will play "9 Lives".  Students have a chance at 'sharpening' their middle ages skills and earn a little extra credit.   
1.   Feudalism Review
           a.  Students will use the attached guide to review the importance of feudalism.
           b.  Students are encouraged to take notes as a classroom discussion takes place.
           c.  Feudalism Attachment
2.   9 Lives Review Game
           a.  Students will be put into three groups and a series of 30 questions will be answered. 
           b.  Study Guide
     1.  Explain the technology, standards, and training of knights.
     2.  Analyze how medieval literature depicts chivalry, knighthood, and women.
     3.  Summarize the roles and status of medieval women

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