Friday, February 20, 2015

WHI Day 31: Feudalism Tea Party

Setting the Stage
After the Treaty of Verdun, Charlemagne's three feuding grandsons broke up the kingdom even further.  Part of this territory also became a battleground as new waves of invaders attacked Europe.  The constant warfare led to the rise of European feudalism, a political and economic system based on land ownership and personal loyalty. 
1.   A King's Tea Party
           a.  Students were assigned a typical job that would exist on a manor during the middle ages.
           b.  List of Jobs
           c.  Students will follow directions and "socialize" with other members within the society of
                their Lord's manor.
           d.  25 points

     1.  Explain new ideas of Government
     2.  Trace the spread of Christianity among Germanic peoples
     3.  Identify Charles Martel's successes
     4.  Describe Charlemagne's empire

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