Monday, February 23, 2015

WHI Day 32: Code of Chivalry

Setting the Stage
During the Middle Ages, nobles constantly fought one another.  Their feuding kept Europe in a fragmented state for centuries.  Through warfare, feudal lords defended their estates, seized new territories, and increased wealth.  Lords and their armies lived in a violent society that prized combat skills.  By the 1100s, though, a code of behavior began to arise.  High ideals guided warriors' actions and glorified their roles. 
1.   The Age of Chivalry
           a.  Students will read about the knight's code of chivalry .  They will look at the following
                aspects of chivalry:
                       Education, Weapons/Equipment, War Games, Code of Chivalry, Roles of Woman,
                       and Romantic Love
           b.  Ages of Chivalry Attachment
           c.  A brief classroom discussion will follow
2.   Video: Knights Armor
     1.  Explain the technology, standards, and training of knights.
     2.  Analyze how medieval literature depicts chivalry, knighthood, and women.
     3.  Summarize the roles and status of medieval women

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