Thursday, February 19, 2015

WHI Day 30: Christianity Emerges Review and Life in Feudal Europe

Setting the Stage
After the Treaty of Verdun, Charlemagne's three feuding grandsons broke up the kingdom even further.  Part of this territory also became a battleground as new waves of invaders attacked Europe.  The constant warfare led to the rise of European feudalism, a political and economic system based on land ownership and personal loyalty. 
1.  Reading Quiz: Pages 358-360
           a.  Students will have a 15 point reading quiz over pages assigned yesterday. 
                This quiz is over the Vikings, Magyars, and Muslims.
           b.  Students can use their notes.                 
2.  Charlemage: Legendary King
           a.  As a class, we will discuss and review the importance of Charlemagne.  Also, I will hand
                out Charlemagne: Legendary King. This will lead to a brief discussion over the three
                questions at the bottom of the sheet.  Why did Charlemagne oppose his coronation.
3.  Video Documentary: The Dark Ages
           a.  We will be watching three segments of this documentary done by the History Channel. 
                1.  Clovis and the Rise of Christianity: 17:50 - 23:07
                2.  Life in the Middle Ages: 41:26 - 44:41
                3.  Charles Martel, Charlemagne, and The Vikings: 51:40 - 1:19:50
           b.  On a separate sheet of paper, students will need to answer the following during the video:
                 -3 Things I already knew
                 -3 Things I learned
                 -3 Things I have a question about

2.  Students will be assigned a job on a lord's manor and need to find information about it for tomorrow.  Description is on the back of the quiz.

     1.  Explain new ideas of Government
     2.  Trace the spread of Christianity among Germanic peoples
     3.  Identify Charles Martel's successes
     4.  Describe Charlemagne's empire

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