Friday, February 13, 2015

WHI Day 27: World Religion Prezi and Chart

Setting the Stage
As we progress in our class, the impact religion has played in world history will be glaring.  A general understanding of the world's major religions is essential.  For the rest of the week students will look deeper into Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam.

1.  Students will finish their group World Religion Prezi (45 Points)
     a.  Group Project Information
     b.  Group Project Explanation

2.  Students will be given a chart (Chart Attachment )to fill out information about each religion using each other's Prezi presentations below. Charts are due Tuesday:
A Block
B Block
D Block
Note: Students understand our 1st Amendment right of "Freedom of Religion" and created these Prezis with great respect for each belief system/way of life.  Students were given the directive to only cover the most broad topics within each religion.  They understand there is much more to each religion and that not all followers from each religion have all of the same practices. (ex: Protestants and Catholics)

3.  Chapter 6: Ancient Roman Test Corrections due TUESDAY

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