Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WHI Day 20: Roman Colosseum and Gladiator

Setting the Stage
As the empire grew, so, too, did a new religion called Christianity.  Born as a movement within Judaism, it emphasized a more personal relationship between God and people - and attracted many Romans. 
1.  Christianity Quiz Today - Students ARE able to use any notes they took. 
        a.  Students need to read pages 168-171 for a quiz tomorrow
        b.  Know the importance of Constantine, Jesus, Paul, Peter, Pontius Pilate, Theodosius,  and the
        c.  How was Christianity able to spread during the Pax Romana?
        d.  Why did Christianity appeal to so many Romans?
2.  Roman Colosseum - Who, what, when, why?
        a.  Colosseum Prezi
3.  Roman Gladiator - Students will learn about the origins of the gladiatorial games and explore the different types of gladiators.
        a.  Gladiator Attachment
        b.  Gladiator Link

1.  Describe the rise and fall of Julius Caesar
2.  Understand the activities for the average Roman citizen

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