Tuesday, February 3, 2015

WHI Day 19: Rise and Fall of Napoleon. An Empire begins!

Setting the Stage
As Rome enlarged its territory after the Punic Wars, its republican form of government grew increasingly unstable.  Eventually, the republic gave way to the formation of a mighty dictator-ruled empire that continued to spread Rome's influence far and wide.   
1.  Turn in last week's starter questions (10 points)
2.  Chapter 6.2 Reading Activity
        a.  Students have 12 questions to answer that will detail the fall of the Republic, forming of
             triumvirates, Caesar's rise and fall, and the expansion of an empire. 
        b.  Class discussion will take place today
        c.  6.2 RA Attachment
        e.  Julian Calendar and Building of an Empire Prezi
3.  Christianity Quiz Tomorrow
        a.  Students need to read pages 168-171 for a quiz tomorrow
        b.  Know the importance of Constantine, Jesus, Paul, Peter, Pontius Pilate, Theodosius,  and the
        c.  How was Christianity able to spread during the Pax Romana?
        d.  Why did Christianity appeal to so many Romans?
1.  Describe the rise and fall of Julius Caesar
2.  Understand the activities for the average Roman citizen.

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