Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day 21: An Empire Falls

Setting the Stage
In the third century A.D., Rome faced many problems.  They came both form within the empire and from outside.  Only drastic economic, military, and political reforms, it seemed, could hold off collapse. 
1.  Student who were not at conferences last night will receive their grades sheets on where they currently sit in class. 
2.  The Fall of the Roman Empire
     a.  Students will collaborate at create a Prezi about the fall of Rome.  Each small group will be
          responsible for one slide that details at least one aspect about the fall of Rome.  Towards the
          end of class, all of the students work will be brought together in one 'presentation'.
     b.  The following attachment is the sheet that all students will use as a guide for today's work:
           Fall of Rome
     c.  Classroom Prezi's
           A Block Prezi
           B Block Prezi
           D Block Prezi
3.  Test over Ancient Rome (Chapter 6) will be on Monday!
     a.  Chapter 6: Study Guide

Roman Gladiator - These sheets are DUE MONDAY and will be 15 points of your overall Test score!
        a.  Gladiator Attachment
        b.  Gladiator Link

1.  Describe the rise and fall of Julius Caesar
2.  Understand the activities for the average Roman citizen

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