Friday, January 16, 2015

WHI Day 9: The Persian Wars/Athens Golden Age

Setting the Stage
Sparta would eventually became a military state because of the fear of a helot revolt.  Struggles between rich and poor led Athens to become a democracy.  The greatest danger of all - invasion by Persian armies - moved Sparta and Athens alike to their greatest glory. 

1.  The Persian Wars
      a.  Students will create brief timelines for each of the following battles during the Persian Wars:
                 - Battle of Marathon
                 - Battle of Thermopylae
                 - Battle of Salamis
                 - Formation of the Delian League
       b. Perisan Wars Information PP
2.  Battle of Thermopylae Video  (12 Minutes)
3.  Athens Golden Age
        a.  Students will be given a series of critical thinking questions (Questions).  They will
             answer the questions and follow up with a class discussion (Answer Sheet )
        b.  We will continue this on Tuesday

1.  Summarize the battles and results of the Persian Wars
2.  Identify three goals of Pericles

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