Thursday, January 15, 2015

WHI Day 8: The Persian War

Setting the Stage
Sparta would eventually became a military state because of the fear of a helot revolt.  Struggles between rich and poor led Athens to become a democracy.  The greatest danger of all - invasion by Persian armies - moved Sparta and Athens alike to their greatest glory. 

1.  Go over yesterday's Athens/Sparta HW Quiz (15 points)
      a.  In the grade book
      b.  Students will take additional notes
2.  The Persian Wars
      a.  Students will create brief timelines for each of the following battles during the Persian Wars:
                 - Battle of Marathon
                 - Battle of Thermopylae
                 - Battle of Salamis
                 - Formation of the Delian League
       b. Perisan Wars Information PP
3.  Work Time on God/Goddess Project                                                                               

1.  Summarize the battles and results of the Persian Wars
2.  Describe the government of Athens and Sparta
Spartan Phalanx

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