Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WHI Day 7: Athens and Sparta

Setting the Stage
Athens and Sparta quickly became the two most powerful city-states in Greece.  Both took very different ways to get there.  They differed in government, education, citizenship, and views of women.

1.  Athens/Sparta HW Quiz (15 points)
      a.  Students will be taking a quiz over the homework given
           yesterday.  Students ARE allowed to use their homework
           on the quiz!
      b.  Quizzes will be turned in and we will go over them tomorrow
2.  God/Goddess Work Time
      a.  We will use the remainder of the class time to work on their projects that are
            due Friday!

1.  Identify the different political systems that developed in the Greek city-States
2.  Describe the government of Athens and Sparta

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