Tuesday, January 13, 2015

WHI Day 6: Athens vs. Sparta

Setting the Stage
By the end of the Dorian Period (1150-750 B.C.), the method of governing areas had changed from tribal or clan control to more formal governments.  Soon, city-states would develop all around Greece.  Athens and Sparta quickly became the two most powerful city-states in Greece.  Both took very different ways to get their. 

1.  Explanation of Current Event Project
2.  Critical Thinking: Students answered the following question yesterday in class which will lead
      to a discussion today.
        a.  What were the advantages and disadvantages of the city-state as a form of government?
3.  Athens and Sparta
        a.  Students will answer 6 questions that compare and contrast their governments, education,
             and way of life.
        b.  Greek Vocab/Gov't Handout   (questions on 2nd page)
        c.  There will be a 20 point quiz over this information tomorrow!
4.  Work on Greek God/Goddess project if time allows.
1.  Identify the different political systems that developed in the Greek city-States
2.  Describe the government of Athens and Sparta

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