Monday, January 12, 2015

WHI Day 5: Warring City-States

Setting the Stage
By the end of the Dorian Period (1150-750 B.C.), the method of governing areas had changed from tribal or clan control to more formal governments.  Soon, city-states would develop all around Greece. 

1.  Explanation of Current Event Project
2.  First week of Starter Questions
3.  Students will examine different terms helping to understand the Greek City-States.  We will then
     look at the four different government types in ancient Greece: Democracy, Aristocracy,
     Oligarchy, and Monarchy)
      a.  Greek Vocab/Gov't Handout
4.  Essential Question: What are some advantages and disadvantages of the city-states?
5.  Athens vs. Sparta
      a.  Compare and Contrast two of Greece's most powerful city-states
      b.  Information on handout above.
1.  Identify the different political systems that developed in the Greek city-States
2.  Describe the government of Athens and Sparta

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