Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WHI Day 16: Roman Army and Punic Wars

Setting the Stage
In addition to their government, Rome put a lot of value on their military.  Soon, their military will be put to the test as they fight a very formidable opponent, Carthage.  These two super power will be fighting for control of the Mediterranean Sea. 

                                                          *Turn In Test Corrections*
1.  Roman Army: Introduction
        a.  Roman Army PowerPoint
2. The Punic Wars
        a.  Students will be given classroom time to go over the attached reading guide using pages
             158-159.  Students will also use the following website, Hannibal Link. to look deeper into
             the personality of Hannibal Barca.
        b.  There will be a short Homework Quiz over today's information tomorrow.
        c.  Punic Wars Attachment
1.  Describe how the Punic Wars increased Rome's power. 

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