Monday, January 26, 2015

WHI Day 14: The Roman Republic

Setting the Stage
While Greece was on the decline, a new city to the west was developing and increasing power.  Rome grew from a small settlement to a mighty civilization that eventually conquered the Mediterranean world.  Eventually the Romans would build one of the most famous and influential empires in history. 

1.  Correct last week's starter questions (10 points)
2.  Roman Contributions
      a.  Students will be given time to finish these sheets from Friday.  A class discussion will follow. 
3. The Origins of Rome
      a.  Students will look at how the city of Rome was founded and who were the first Romans with
           four essential questions.  A class discussion will follow.
      b.  Map of Ancient Rome due Thursday (25 points)
      c.   Ancient Roman Map/Essential Questions
1.  Identify the origins of ancient Rome

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