Tuesday, January 20, 2015

WHI Day 10: Athens Golden Age

Setting the Stage
For close to 50 years (477 to 431 B.C.), Athens experienced a growth in intellectual and artistic learning.  This period is known as the Golden Age of Athens.  Drama, sculpture, poetry, philosophy, architecture, and science all reached new heights. 

1.  Correct last week's starter questions (10 points)
2. Athens Golden Age
        a.  Students will be given a series of critical thinking questions (Questions).  They will
             answer the questions and follow up with a class discussion (Answer Sheet )
3.  Peloponnesian War: Athens and Sparta Go to War
        a.  Students will be given a map with 7 corresponding questions over the Peloponnesian War. 
             These questions need to be answered for class tomorrow (Wednesday)
        b.  Worksheet Attachment
1.  Identify three goals of Pericles
2.  Understand Athens influence on Greek culture and its legacy

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