Thursday, January 29, 2015

WHI Day 17: Punic Wars/Life in Ancient Rome

Setting the Stage
In addition to their government, Rome put a lot of value on their military.  Soon, their military will be put to the test as they fight a very formidable opponent, Carthage.  These two super power will be fighting for control of the Mediterranean Sea.  What was the average citizen doing at this time? 

1.  Turn in your Ancient Roman Maps!
        a.  25 Points
2. The Punic Wars
        a.  HW Quiz
        b.  15 Points
3.  Life in Ancient Rome
        a.  Students will be led through a Prezi presentation that details life in Ancient Rome. 
        b.  Student will become familiar with Roman slavery, religion, city life, leisure, and
              the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius over the city of Pompeii.
        c. Prezi Link
1.  Describe how the Punic Wars increased Rome's power. 
2.  Understand the activities for the average Roman citizen.

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