Tuesday, December 16, 2014

WWII Day 3: Hitler's Lightning War

Setting The Stage:

As previously discussed, Adolf Hitler played on the hopes and fears of the Western democracies during the 1930s.  In 1939, Hitler demanded that the Polish Corridor be returned to Germany.

Nazi Troops successfully march through Warsaw, Poland.
1.  Hitler's Lightning War Quiz
      a.  Pages 925-926 (Students can use notes)
      b.  10 points
2.  The Fall of France and Battle of Britain
      a.  10 questions and Discussion
      b.  What factors do you think a country's
           leaders consider when deciding whether
           to surrender or fight.
3.  WWII in HD (10 minutes)
4.  The Mediterranean and the Eastern Front
      a.  Why was Egypt of strategic importance in WWII?
      b.  How were Napoleon's invasion of Russia
            and Hitler's invasion similar?
      c.  Handout
a.  Trace the moves of European Fascists in seeking world power.
b.  Explain the conflicts in the Mediterranean and on the Eastern Front. 
c.  Describe the Fall of France and the Battle of Britain.

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