Monday, December 15, 2014

WWII Day 2: Adolf Hitler - Life of a Madman

Setting The Stage:

As previously discussed, Adolf Hitler played on the hopes and fears of the Western democracies during the 1930s.  How did he get to this point?  What would essentially make an Austrian leader of the Third Reich?  These questions will be answered as we look into Hitler's life before the war begins. 
1.  Correct Starter Questions (10 points)
2.  Aggressors Invade Nations
      a.  Extra Credit Quiz (5 points)
3.  Adolf Hitler: Life of a Madman - We will examine Hitler's life from birth to Fuhrer of Germany.
      a.  PP Worksheet
      b.  Adolf Hitler Power Point
4.  Hitler's Lightning War Quiz Tomorrow
      a.  Pages 925-926
      b.  10 points

a.  Trace the moves of European Fascists in seeking world power.
b.  Summarize how Adolf Hitler became Fuhrer of Germany

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