Friday, December 12, 2014

WWII Day 1: Aggressors Invade Nations

Setting The Stage:
Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler
By the mid-1930s, Germany and Italy seemed bent on military conquest.  While the Allied Powers of WWI were in the midst of economic problems, the world was moving towards another war.  Many nations pinned their hopes on the League of Nations. 

1.  Turn-in "Treaty of Versailles: 10 Provisions"
2.  Germany's Hyperinflation
      a.  Information
3.  Aggressors Invade Nations
      a.  Students will analyze the movements of
           Italy, Japan, Germany, and Russia.
      a.  Aggressors Invade Nations Question Sheet

a.  Describe Japan's attempts to build an empire.
b.  Trace the moves of European Fascists in seeking world power.
c.  Summarize why British and French appeasements and American isolationism failed to stop
     Fascist aggression.

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