Thursday, December 4, 2014

Day 4: A Global Conflict

Setting The Stage:
World War I was much more than a European affair.  As the war drug on,  countries like Japan, Australia, and India fought alongside the Allies.  Meanwhile, the Ottoman Turks and later Bulgaria allied themselves with Germany and the Central Powers.  As the war progressed, both sides looked for allies around the globe.  They also sought new warfronts beyond both the Western and Eastern fronts to achieve victory.

1.  A Bloody Stalemate (we will continue yesterday's topic with the following below)
       a.  Students will be comparing and contrasting the Western and Eastern Front
Green = Allied Nations     Gold = Central Powers
       b.  What were the war efforts like in Russia?  What advantages and disadvantages
            did they have?
       c.  Trench did they get there?
       d.  New Weapons of War
2.  A Global Conflict
       a.  Why were the efforts of the Allies at Gallipoli so important
       b.  Battles worldwide.  Map on page 852

a.  Describe the spread of conflict.
b.  Identify the struggles war brings to a country's populace.

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