Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day 3: Europe Plunges into War

Setting The Stage:
By 1914, Europe was divided into tow rival camps.  Austria-Hungary's declaration of war on Serbia set off a chain reaction within the different alliance systems.  The countries of Europe followed through on their pledges to support one another.  As a result, nearly all of Europe soon joined what would be the larges, most destructive war the world had yet seen. 

1.  Reading quiz over page 845
       a.  10 points
2.  A Bloody Stalemate
       a.  Each student will devise a plan, as a German General, to prevent from having to fight a
            two-front war. Specifics and objectives included in the attachment
       b.  We will then go over and discuss the Schlieffen Plan.  Germany's actual plan to prevent
             themselves from fighting a two-front war
3.  War in the Trenches
       a.  The Western Front
       b.  Packet w/Questions giving more
            details about life in the trenches
       c.  Trench Warfare Information and
            Trench  Warfare Questions

a.  Describe the reaction to Austria's declaration of war.
b.  Summarize military events on the Western Front and Trench Warfare

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