Monday, November 24, 2014

IR Day 4: Industrialization Spreads

Setting the Stage
Great Britain's favorable geographical and its financial systems, political stability, and natural resources sparked industrialization.  British merchants built the world's first factories.  When these factories prospered, more laborsaving machines and factories were built.  Eventually, the Industrial Revolution that had begun in Britain spread both to the United States and to continental Europe. Countries that had conditions similar to those in Britain were ripe for industrialization. 

1.  Correct last week's starter questions
2.  Industrial Revolution Spreads
      a.  Students will answer 6 essential questions and discuss them in class
      b.  IR Spreads Essential Questions
      c.  There will be a quiz tomorrow over the 6 essential questions
3.  Students will have the remainder of the time to work on their political cartoons (due tomorrow)

a.  Describe industrialization in the United States and Europe
b.  Identify the effects of industrialization on the rest of the world

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